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Epilogue 2 – Ekaida

They’re beautiful, Ekaida thought, leaning against the cabin wall, feeling how much a home it had become to her rescuers.

Powerstar and his mortal love were in a corner, cuddling while she scrolled through countless screens of reactions on her tablet. Rose, Alex, and Councillor Nicole were discussing the particulars and ramifications of the still-healing Schism with considerable animation. Akira and Sara observed with subdued amusement, occasionally sharing annotations. Molly was shaking her head, smiling through a facepalm, as Nicole’s friend David reenacted some of the stadium battle’s more impressive blows. Eve was speaking with Lucas, another member of Nicole’s band, in a far corner. Maxwell and Victor were talking in a corner, Victor’s gentle smile in stark contrast to the genderfluid warrior’s unsteady gaze.

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Ch. 17.3 – Ekaida

Clara, forgive me, Ekaida mourned. I’ll make this right, I swear. She struggled to rise, failed. Somehow. The mighty Elder Dragon fought straps made from her own Anima, a straitjacket and hobble formed from Travis’ programming and her own majestas. Trapped in the body of a mere human, the restraints were almost irrelevant. *West!* Ekaida roared through the Vision. *Release me now, and I might not eat your heart!*

*This is foolishness, my beautiful dragon,* Travis replied, one of his black-armored puppets striding towards her. *You bound yourself to forbid harming any incarnation of my Vision, before we sealed our contract. Besides, didn’t I give you the bliss you sought? Haven’t I struck at the Schism? Isn’t that what you wanted?* The Prime used a Vision arrow to point out the crowd of newsies, still reporting excitedly on the battle. Purity West’s publicity stunt made that possible, she admitted.

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