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Ch. 18.2 – Alex

Ow. Captain Bastion braced himself against the stadium wall, trying not to think about the dent in his armor, the cracks along his ribs, or the ravaging of his majestas. The armored alien bearing down on him made it easier than Alex imagined. *Molly, take over. My hands are full.*

*Don’t be acting the gom,* Molly chided, banging the heads of her Quadrum foes together. *You’ve fought the Skeptic, Ekaida, and Travesty all in the same fecking hour. You need backup.*

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Ch. 16.3 – Alex (Double Second Anniversary Issue)

This is it, Alex decided, bracing himself physically and Majestically. Before he realized it, Captain Bastion had dropped into the first defensive stance Molly had taught him. Now we find out if my rep is based on anything real, or just dumb luck.

Outside, the ground shook from the clash of dragons. Around him, lights flickered and concrete flaked. The Bastion’s eyes flickered in the direction of the shockwaves, until a colorless, toneless nothing he’d truly felt only once before reclaimed his attention.

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Ch. 15.2 – Alex

“Okay. I think we’re ready,” Alex noted, nodding. The cabin’s spacious living room held a full house. Sara sat to his left, with Victor and Max on the couch beside her, Alice lounging in a chair near them while angled toward him, and Molly leaning on the far wall, watching the Bastion leader. Across from them were their guests. Akira watched placidly near Molly, while Eve Hawk and Marie Perrault were at a small table, and Powerstar was on the other couch with his wife Heather. The room was brightly lit, sunlight streaming in through multiple large windows. “Are there any questions before we begin?”

Marie gulped down the cracker she’d been munching. “Yep. What are we waiting for?” she asked, grinning. “West is past hunting the Gifted, and well into collecting. He needs to collect bruises instead.”

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Ch. 14.1 – Alex

“Oh my God,” Alex breathed.

Alice Robinson, in full Majestic Champion Wonder Rose attire, held a breastplate out for him. It was brilliant sapphire blue, with three golden disks forming an upright triangle. The plate itself harmonized with his Blaze power, while each disk provided protection from a different element: one each for Vision, Rift and Weaving. It was edged with red trim that hummed faintly with healing Anima energy. “Yeah, and this isn’t even the best part,” she said, winking. “Put it on.”

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Ch. 13.3 – Alex

Alex stretched wearily, sitting up in the large bed. Surprisingly comfortable, he noted, hand probing the mattress. He smiled at Sara’s dark hair sprawled messily across her pillow. She’d pulled the covers up almost over her head. Alex put one hand gently on her shoulder. “Mmf,” she grunted.

Nodding to himself, Alex stood, made short work of biological necessity, pulled on his boxers, and walked to the window. Outside, the early morning light washed over a beautiful mountainside vista. I could get used to this. He chuckled and shook his head. So much for being a city boy for life.

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Ch. 12.1 – Alex

Alex shot through the air, evading the titan above him with hairpin turns that his foe couldn’t quite match. That’s been my only advantage so far, he thought, pivoting to face his opponent. His Vision talent allowed him to fly backwards safely across the night sky, since the only meaningful hazard to him was Ekaida.

God. She’s magnificent. Her dragon form was only superficially like that of the classic monster of legend. Ekaida had the sinuous body, the long wings, four legs with talons, the tail, and a long neck. Yet as he blocked another dart of flame, Alex couldn’t help admiring the graceful way she soared across the sky. The wings were almost like a falcon’s, elegant and sweeping, with pointed ends and edged with down. Her neck was about as long in proportion to the rest of her as a crane’s, letting her look in any direction, but without seeming impossible as she flew. Her forearms were surprisingly human-looking, almost as though she were a muscular woman in armor, though her claws could never be mistaken for gauntlets. Ekaida’s face surprised most of all, the snout she’d started with had shrunk to be less like a T-Rex and more like a turtle’s, though she retained the sharp teeth and a small, tough crest. Ekaida’s features looked even more human than her arms, her eyes in particular.

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Ch. 11.1 – Alex

Alex looked up as the Rift gate closed behind them. Purity West Tower had all the hallmarks of the corporate age high-rise: rounded corners, a blue glass exterior, and a complete lack of personality. While not the tallest building in the city, it could compete, with its corporate logo visible from half the city. At a casual glance, it looked as mundane as its siblings in sky-scraping. To Alex’s Vision, the building radiated hunger, every deadly sin watching from within it. “Okay, the first part of the plan seems to have worked.” He felt for Sara’s threads of Weaving, and felt them trail into the building’s basement – already fraying. “Good thing, too. We’re on a clock.”

“Then we need to move,” Molly insisted, though her voice was lower and rougher than usual. “Alex, you know what to do.” The Ghost Dragon looked at Max and Wonder Rose, and all three disappeared using different methods. Alex looked up, swallowed, and flew.

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Ch. 10.2 – Alex

Alex grunted and fell back a step. The volley of Quadrum force-bursts hammering his shield were bad enough, but each bolt carried with it a knot of soul-numbing emptiness. He cast a second layer of Blaze into his barrier, and rainbow bands rippled out with each strike. The displays seemed to ward off the worst of the desensitizing blasts. “God. The Skeptic must love these guys.”

“The Quadrum aren’t that far gone,” Sara explained, Weaving desperately to bolster Alex’s defenses. “Thank the Goddess.”

“Maybe not,” Alex hissed, “but they have gear he could only dream of.” With a flash of willpower, the Blaze-knight shot out a tendril of crackling energy. His lash wrapped around one of the Quadrum soldier’s blocky rifles, squeezed for a few seconds, and finally crushed its barrel. The weapon whined and died. The soldier merely whined.

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Ch. 9.2 – Alex

Alex sat near the roof’s edge and looked out over the city. This might not be the best time to admire the view, he thought idly, watching Los Angeles become a field of stars brighter than the night sky, but it’s hard to care right now. He indulged in a long, deep breath, feeling almost cleansed of their encounter with that Vortex…thing.

One of Nicole’s group – Eve Hawk, Alex remembered – strode over to his side. “May I?” she asked. Alex nodded, and the woman sat cross-legged next to him. “Your first Vortex Beast?”

“Yeah.” Alex looked the newcomer over, careful to keep his Vision locked down but otherwise examining Eve with a discerning eye. The long black hair and dusky features were merely heritage; it was her aura that spoke volumes, a mixture of fluid resolve and jagged fury forever at odds. “You all right?”

“As much as ever,” she replied evenly. “Being a Sword of Harmony is never easy.” She smiled then, surprising Alex in spite of the brevity of their contact. “What important role is?”

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Ch. 8.1 – Alex

“You okay, boss?” Lucy asked.

Alex glanced over to his co-worker. “Hm?” he said, then froze.

It was the first time Alex had really looked at her since his Empowerment. Lucy was still a short redhead with a handful of freckles and bright amber eyes, but he could see energy flowing out of her now, as if her exuberance was more than simple emotion, and slivers of vibrant blue and purple played around her. “Don’t call me ‘boss,’ I work for a living,” he said perfunctorily.

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