Ch. 18 concludes — but wait!

In the final episode of Chapter 18:

Weaver and Knight are united in triumph, West’s plot undone. Now, they seek to bring him to justice, but then, the real question remains: what do they say to a world that’s seen the truth of the Majestic?

Read the final, well, almost final chapter of Weaver’s Knight!

Why “almost”? Because there are two epilogues coming. Stay with us through October for the rest of the story :-).

Written by Morgan

Morgan is the net-nym of Peter's wife, muse, "amanuensis and general factotum," who aspires to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Ginny Heinlein and Jeanne Robinson. Please direct any questions about the site itself, as opposed to the fiction content, to her.

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