Book 1 concludes!

In the final episode:

The Queen of Monsters says goodbye as Book One ends, but friendship is as eternal as she is in the dawn of a new era.

Read Epilogue Two of Weaver’s Knight!

At this point, we’re not sure what’s next for the setting of Weaver’s Knight. Another serial, Rocket Star, which is set well in the future, may come before Book 2. There’s also the possibility of a podcast version, or a full e-book novel that takes the content of the serial and expands on it, filling out the story and the world. (As an aside, Weaver’s Knight clocks in at 69,793 words per our word processor, and the novel would probably be closer to 100K words.)

A lot will depend on what Peter thinks his fans want. If you’ve enjoyed Weaver’s Knight and would like to see more, please let us know. In addition to the information on the Contact page, there’s also Peter’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Feedback, even at this stage of the game, is appreciated!

And thanks for reading :-).

Written by Morgan

Morgan is the net-nym of Peter's wife, muse, "amanuensis and general factotum," who aspires to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Ginny Heinlein and Jeanne Robinson. Please direct any questions about the site itself, as opposed to the fiction content, to her.

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