Book 1 concludes!

In the final episode:

The Queen of Monsters says goodbye as Book One ends, but friendship is as eternal as she is in the dawn of a new era.

Read Epilogue Two of Weaver’s Knight!

At this point, we’re not sure what’s next for the setting of Weaver’s Knight. Another serial, Rocket Star, which is set well in the future, may come before Book 2. There’s also the possibility of a podcast version, or a full e-book novel that takes the content of the serial and expands on it, filling out the story and the world. (As an aside, Weaver’s Knight clocks in at 69,793 words per our word processor, and the novel would probably be closer to 100K words.)

A lot will depend on what Peter thinks his fans want. If you’ve enjoyed Weaver’s Knight and would like to see more, please let us know. In addition to the information on the Contact page, there’s also Peter’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Feedback, even at this stage of the game, is appreciated!

And thanks for reading :-).

Epilogue 1 is up

In the first of two epilogues:

Think Travis West is finished? Think again.

So just how is Travis getting himself out of the hole he dug himself? Read Epilogue 1 of Weaver’s Knight, Book 1 and find out!

Ch. 18 concludes — but wait!

In the final episode of Chapter 18:

Weaver and Knight are united in triumph, West’s plot undone. Now, they seek to bring him to justice, but then, the real question remains: what do they say to a world that’s seen the truth of the Majestic?

Read the final, well, almost final chapter of Weaver’s Knight!

Why “almost”? Because there are two epilogues coming. Stay with us through October for the rest of the story :-).

Ch. 18.2 is available!

In this episode of Weaver’s Knight:

When the Quadrum leader joins the battle, Alex Deleon – Captain Bastion – has but a single thought: It’s never easy.

We’re almost at the end — read Ch. 18.2 of Weaver’s Knight!

The final chapter begins!

In this episode:

At last, the Weaver is whole again. It’s payback time.

Read the final chapter of Book 1 — Ch. 18.1 of Weaver’s Knight.

Ch. 17.3 is up

And we have a new POV character — the Elder Dragon herself :-).

Though West still binds part of the Elder Dragon’s will, Ekaida is determined to help her rescuers. This gives her a front row seat at Travesty’s end game…

Read Chapter 17.3 of Weaver’s Knight!

(EDIT: Oops! The link works now. ::sheepish grin::)

Chapter 17.2 is availble

In this episode:

Even together, a century-old amazon, a living embodiment of power, and an angel cannot defeat Ekaida. Perhaps a young woman with a magic wand can help, but first she has to reach them…

Read Chapter 17.2 of Weaver’s Knight!

Ch. 17.1 is up!

In this issue:

With the Skeptic off the field, Team Weaver still has one big problem to deal with. A strong, fast, heavily armored problem that’s a hundred times older than all of them combined…

Go read Weaver’s Knight chapter 17.1 :-).

Special second anniversary double issue!

The long-awaited rematch between Alex and the Skeptic!

From the day he Empowered, Alex’s ability to hold off the Skeptic has made his reputation. Now that ability will be put to the test, as Gray Company’s most terrible agent comes to erase the blot on his record once and for all…

OK, we all know how this goes. But how, and what happens after? Read Ch. 16.3 and find out! 🙂

Also, my apologies to anyone who tried to read this issue earlier today — it was set to publish at 12:00am PDT, but when I got up this morning and looked WordPress had it marked as “missed schedule.” I’m looking into this problem now so that hopefully it won’t happen again.

“West, what have you done?”

In Ch. 16.2 of Weaver’s Knight:

The trap is sprung, and with no Majestics to rescue, the Allies must decide whether to risk helping Ekaida, or bail on an increasingly tenuous situation. The Skeptic has other ideas.

And what is Molly referring to in the above quote? You’ll have to read the issue to find out :-).

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