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Epilogue 1 – Travis

“Would you care to explain this debacle?” the Gray Company representative asked. The rest of the council table was quiet enough to hear the air conditioning, representatives not daring to look at either man. The agent’s voice was as flat and nondescript as he was.

Travis T. West, Vision Prime and Sovereign Mandate councilor, forced himself to check his fury and hatred. Meeting at night? An amateur’s game to throw me off mine. In an instant, he mastered himself. “I’m not surprised you want to shift the blame for this to the Mandate,” he accused, keeping his tone icy. The Global Complex representatives along the table glanced at each other in almost random fashion. Much to West’s relief, the Broker Elite and Tranquility Sanction representatives were nodding. “I repeatedly warned this body that the Skeptic’s fanaticism would endanger this project, the other Company agents you’ve assigned me have been your most marginal, and the Quadrum presence you insisted on turned Ekaida against me.”

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Ch. 16.3 – Alex (Double Second Anniversary Issue)

This is it, Alex decided, bracing himself physically and Majestically. Before he realized it, Captain Bastion had dropped into the first defensive stance Molly had taught him. Now we find out if my rep is based on anything real, or just dumb luck.

Outside, the ground shook from the clash of dragons. Around him, lights flickered and concrete flaked. The Bastion’s eyes flickered in the direction of the shockwaves, until a colorless, toneless nothing he’d truly felt only once before reclaimed his attention.

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Ch. 5.1 – Travis

Travis Terrell West, CEO and majority stockholder of Purity West Investments, stood at the window and looked out over the Houston skyline. From the top floor of his corporate headquarters, he could look down at most of the city. The mostly-white room was well-furnished and understated, with its electronics either on or in the walls. An artificial fireplace crackled without warmth. Catching his own reflection in the glass for a moment, he examined the fit of his Italian suit. Perfect, of course, he noted, its dark gray sheen becoming almost silver in the light of the setting sun.

With Vision awareness that could sense a mouse in a nearby building, he felt two very different minds approaching from opposite directions. One was carnal and fierce, reveling in power restrained nearly as much as the thought of being unleashed. The other was a dull gray hole in the world, carving the air aside with monotonous authority. *Ekaida,* he sent to the first mind, *Denier incoming.*

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