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Ch. 17.1 – Molly

Molly leaped over Ekaida’s lashing tail, noting the sudden appearance of a second Rift master in black armor. The figure was at the Skeptic’s side for an instant, then both vanished. That’s my boy! the Ghost Dragon exulted. Then she noticed the shadow forming over her, and Molly barely evaded the hammerfall of another tail strike. Ekaida’s using that thing a lot, the warrior grumbled.

Captain Bastion soared overhead, raking Ekaida with a spread of lightning arcs. The ancient Daimani grunted, then craned her sinuous neck to peer at the Majestic. “My scales aren’t actually metal, you know,” she noted, inhaling deeply.

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Ch. 16.2 – Molly

Alex raised an eyebrow at the six Complex agents facing them with empty eyes and Majestech weaponry. “Is there something wrong with this picture, or is it just me?” he wondered.

Molly sidestepped a beam of Woven suppression and hit the offending agent in his chest with a measured palm strike. He shook, then collapsed, weapon skittering away. “Don’t assume it’s easy,” she warned, warily approaching her remaining opponent. *Tranquility Sanction, I think,* she sent, eyes narrowing. Sara hissed. *Considering what West is really after, that was inevitable.*

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Ch. 14.3 – Molly

Molly walked briskly through the Swiss castle’s halls, forcing herself to ignore another muffled explosion. Typical of the Complex, to casually mutilate beauty that has survived centuries. She risked focusing her Anima sense behind her, and was relieved at the unity she felt there. Wenezoui and Alex followed a step behind her, while Schnyder and Sara Wove from the rear. I’m just glad Professor Nehru agreed to help from the safe room. Liang can get her out in a hurry if they need an exit, but neither of them are really trained for Majestic combat. Her mind flickered to Schnyder’s thin saber, resting on his hip like a third arm. I’d rather Sara stayed back, but the chances of that… Molly suppressed a smile as she noted the Weaver carefully working destiny in her Bastion’s favor. Spare a little for yourself, woman.

A gray, static hum reached her aura. It made her teeth hurt almost as much as an actual sound might. “That,” she noted, flowing into Wave Dragon stance, “is evil.”

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Ch. 11.2 – Molly

Molly Dunn moved through the lower floors of Purity West Tower with the speed, grace and stealth that were the hallmarks of the Ghost Dragons. None of West’s men saw her, and most never knew she was there. Two guards stood in a doorway she could not pass without dealing with them, so she did, knocking them out and hiding their unconscious forms without anyone knowing there’d been a problem.

After two minutes of this, the building above began to shake from the battle above. Any one of those blasts could bring the house down around us. Molly looked up, unable to keep the concern from narrowing her eyes. Be careful, Alex. She needs you more than you know. Then she ripped a stairwell door off its hinges and raced deeper into the hidden fortress.

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Ch. 10.1 – Molly

I have to give her credit, Molly decided reluctantly, she’s thought this out well. Threading her Weaving talent into the team will give us every break possible while denying Travis the same opportunity. West can’t do her real harm without endangering the very power he’s trying to claim. Her ritual to connect her to this Rift Prime was inspired, and even if West takes her to a separate location, she should be able to trace the other Prime through sympathy.

Dunn looked down at her fist. It was dripping with ale. She’d crushed a full, unopened glass bottle without realizing it. Well, that’s going into my barrel, she thought wryly, then looked up.

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Ch. 8.2 – Molly

Molly watched from the rooftop across the street from the restaurant as Alex jogged around the car. Sara opened her door, and Alex slowed, offering her a hand. He was going to get the door for her, Molly realized. She smiled in spite of herself. I’m not sure which of them is in deeper, with this relationship. The Ghost Dragon did a quick scan of the block, for the third time since she’d chosen her perch. All clear.

Sara let Alex help her up, then ‘stumbled’ when she stood, steadying herself on his chest. Alex’s flustered reaction would have been obvious from Molly’s perch even without Majestic senses. Now I’m sure. The poor boy won’t know what hit him. Sara took Alex’s arm firmly, and they walked in together. Molly sat on a nearby vent and settled in for what she hoped would be a long, boring evening. For me, at least. If they end up bored, someone’s doing it wrong.

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Ch. 3.3 – Molly

“You know,” Alex said, tone light, “when I dreamed of becoming a superhero, expeditions into the friendly neighborhood sewer system were not part of the image.”

“I don’t think ‘image’ is the problem here,” Max retorted, voice pinched along with his nose. Sara chuckled wryly.

Ah, Daimani senses, Molly thought amusedly. Lighting the way was simple enough with their faux-Captain Beacon at the rear. The tunnel was rough concrete, and as clean as a sewer could get. All the same, Molly carefully kept her sense of smell turned down and filtered. Hearing enhancement more than compensated, gentle echoes hinting at Alice’s presence ahead.

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