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Ch. 7.3 – Akira

Akira felt the cosmic light of the universe wash over and around them. He knew the humans felt only the briefest of spacial alterations through the element they called Rift. The Anshin felt himself bathed in the soul of the universe, everything being one for a timeless instant. It is more the “heaven” they imagine than anything the Magnarium could create, he thought. I wish it was something that Vision could share. He regarded Alice briefly. Even her talent and my experience combined did not allow me to convey this glory, the living miracle that is knowing creation, not for so much as a moment of transition.

It ended as it began, in a flash of raw Majesty. Alex staggered briefly, but Molly steadied him before it could become a problem. The Blaze Prime looked around in surprise. Akira was a bit surprised himself. Most artists I have known were somewhat slovenly, but this lion is rather tidy. The Anshin noted with mild approval that the dishes were put away, the bed was made, and Alex’s art supplies were all in order, save for two pencils still resting on the table.

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