Ch. 16.1 — the final battles begin!

In this episode:

The end begins as Team Weaver and the nascent Bastion Knights travel to Rio. It’s no one’s party but West’s, though, as they’re about to discover…

Read Chapter 16.1 of Weaver’s Knight!

Back on schedule

In this episode:

On the eve of their most dangerous sortie yet, Alex and Sara turn to each other for comfort and strength.

Read Chapter 15.3 of Weaver’s Knight!

Ch. 15.2 is (finally!) up!

After a health-related delay, our story continues:

Knowing that Travis West has more Majestic captives than ever suspected, Team Weaver and the Bastions prepare another raid. There can be no question that this time, he’ll be ready for them…

Read Chapter 15.2 of Weaver’s Knight. The next chapter should be up next week, on the regular schedule.

Late chapter

As you may have noticed, this week’s episode didn’t go up at midnight as usual. Peter has been having stomach pains since early yesterday and wasn’t able to write. We’re taking him to the doctor this morning, and hopefully it’ll be something relatively simple and he’ll be up to writing soon.

Thanks for your patience :-).

Chapter 15 begins

In this episode:

With the Bastions an official order in the Allies of Wonder, Team Weaver struggles with the consequences. Meanwhile, they still have enemies…

Read Chapter 15.1 of Weaver’s Knight!

Chapter 14 wraps up

In this episode:

When alien-armed forces attack the Alliance negotiation, no one is amused – Molly Dunn least of all.

Read Chapter 14.3 of Weaver’s Knight!

Chapter 14.2 is up!

In this issue:

Tension remains in the Alliance’s negotiation with the forming Bastions, but things look promising. An unexpected foe doesn’t like that at all…

Who’s throwing a wrench into the works this time? Read Chapter 14.2 of Weaver’s Knight and find out. πŸ™‚

Chapter 14 begins

In this issue:

Many legends claim the world began with the magic of words. For an alliance of necessity to become the Alliance of Wonder, that magic must be invoked once more.

Read Chapter 14.1 of Weaver’s Knight!

Chapter 13 wraps up

In this episode:

Before the world changes forever, Alex and Sara share a moment to remind one another what matters, and what they’re fighting for.

Read Chapter 13.3 of Weaver’s Knight!

Chapter 13.2 is up

As Team Weaver settles into their new digs, Sara takes some time to unwind, helps Alex prepare to meet the most important leaders of the Alliance, and convinces her Bastion to relax.

Read Chapter 13.2 of Weaver’s Knight!

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